>Attitude is key to making a successful transformation in any area of your life. This week, mine has frankly sucked. As I step on to the treadmill I think back on the work week I’ve had. I managed to drag my attitude up from the cellar and end on a positive note. But it’s not enough. I fall into the familiar rhythm of my run; thud, thud, breathe, thud, thud, breathe. I don’t want to be here. I want out of this town, I want out of this body. I wish there was a magic lamp that could take me away from all this. I don’t want to wait, I want it now! It’s an immature, but very human thought. When you think about it, that thought explains a good deal about why Americans look the way we do. We want everything now. Instant pudding, instant banking, shopping on-line. We are so focused on getting there that we have forgotten about the joy of the journey. My shin starts pulling, the precursor to an onset of shin splints so I make a slight modification to my stride and drift back to my thoughts. My hamstrings are still tight from my leg work yesterday. My lower back is a bit sore, and my knees chose minute 15 to make their displeasure known. The pain draws me back to my purpose. Running. I watch the minutes tick by and force myself to keep upping the intensity. I want to feel like I’m ready to lose a lung today. For just a few minutes I want to forget work, forget the state of the world, and forget how scared I am. As the minutes tick by there is nothing but my pain and me. No room for spare thoughts right now. This is about survival. If I trip, my chin and the rail will become best friends. There’s no quick fix lose weight now supplement that will do this for me. There’s no 5-minute miracle workout that will keep me from falling on my face. Just me. I just need to hang in there a bit longer. Everything will come in time.