>I woke today with no desire to work out what so ever. I’m tired, and my spirit is weary. It’s been a battle at work for the last two weeks. I’ve been in several confrontations with my boss where I’ve needed to be at the top of my game to avoid a disaster. My work schedule this week is shifted and I find myself with 2 days off in the middle of the week. Yesterday was a fight to get to the gym. I could not for the life of me hit any level of intensity in cardio. I gave up twice, but came back a third time and just finished 15 minutes on the bike. I decided that would be my victory for the day. I hoped that I’d be more energetic today. No go. Today just hurts physically and emotionally. Ironically, it’s in that pain that I find the desire I need so badly.

One year ago 37 Port Authority police officers stayed on post. 23 NYPD officers raced into harms way. 343 New York firefighters ran in while everyone else ran out. 39 Americans made the ultimate sacrifice as they fought to take control of United 93.

Thousands more simply went to work that day and never came home.

These people will never get a second chance to change their lives. They will never get to do what I have the chance to do today. So what’s my excuse for not going to the gym? I’m tired? Seems kind of silly when I look at it. So today I fight through my heartache for those who can’t. Today isn’t for me, it’s for them. Let’s Roll America. God Bless.