>I have 52 days to get things right. Every day is a new start. Every day I have the chance to make myself better, stronger, healthier, and more confident.

The past is past. Failures of yesterday don’t matter. What matters is today, now, this moment in time. What am I doing TODAY to change myself into the person I know I can be?

I knew on some level that moving back to DC, dealing with the ghosts of my past was going to be hard. That’s part of why I came back. I wanted to face those demons. I wanted to lay the failures of my youth to rest, accept them, move on. Easier said than done.

So again, do I dwell on the past, or look to the future. Right now the future is cloudy. I can’t seem to get the vision to crystalize. So at the moment, time to focus on today. One step, one workout, one meal. Then I’ll have 51 days to get things right.