>”It’s not always the fact that you need to learn more, or learn new stuff. A huge component of getting results either as a trainer or trainee is properly applying what you already know.” – Mike Robertson, Robertsontrainingsystems.com

What do you know?

Do you know that you need to eat better? Workout harder? Stop making excuses? Look for reasons to succeed, not reasons to fail?

You know what’s holding you back. You know because you are the one who can constantly hear that screaming CAN’T in your mind every time you start to reach for greatness. You try to hide from that voice by throwing out excuses. You figure that the system you are using can’t work for you. It’s not about your ability to execute, it’s a problem with the method. So what if it’s worked for others. It doesn’t work for you. So you wander off and look for a new magic bullet to try moving yourself forward.

Meanwhile, that CAN’T is still screaming in your head.

Look, you don’t need a new workout. You need to do the workout you have correctly. You don’t need a new diet. You need to use the information you have on nutrition and APPLY IT. That means you don’t get to work a BigMac in to your post workout meal. Eating chocolate is not okay just because you spent two hours on the treadmill. (Besides, who wants to spend two hours on a treadmill for some chocolate? What are you, a hamster?) You don’t need a new magic supplement.

You need to take a good, hard look at what you are doing. Then look at what you should be doing. Then start doing that.

There is no magic. It’s hard work, dedication, and a willingness to put yourself first.

So what do you know? Better yet, why aren’t you doing it?