One of the keys to a successful physical transformation is intensity. Think about it. You’ve spent years bringing your body to the place it is right now. That’s years of inactivity and lethargy leading to your current job- slug. You don’t look your best and you sure as heck don’t feel your best. All that mass, both physical and mental needs a lot of energy to get moving.

Now starting out any type of activity is good. Basic increase in daily activity helps you feel better. That makes a huge difference in your outlook. Now if you are so inclined, just keeping basic activity up at a steady rate can lead to a gradual reduction in weight. Make no mistake, this is a good thing. Reducing weight, even a moderate weight loss will lead to a boost in health and increased longevity.

Making the shift to get off the couch and do something is hard. Making the shift to get off the couch and reach for something remarkable? That takes something special.

It takes intensity, and excessive and immoderate effort. Excessive. Think about what that means a minute. It means going past what others see as normal. Normal is taking a walk around the block. You want more? You need to reach for more. You need to reach for an immoderate effort. Again, it’s about pushing past average, past the moderate which is the recommendation of experts. It’s digging deep and finding a new level to move yourself to.

Think you are at your maximal effort? You aren’t. I can promise you that you can push it another notch. You are underestimating your strength and determination. Have your family and friends accused you of being obsessed with your transformation? That’s a good sign. Remember, excessive and immoderate. If people don’t notice something is up, you have another level to push to.

Intensity is the key to making a remarkable transformation. Like getting a rocket into orbit, your body needs a sustained, extra-ordinary effort. If you see your progress flagging, take a look at your intensity and see if you can kick it up to a new level. Find that new level and I promise you find what you are looking for.