>Keeping Faith

It’s got to be incredibly frustrating some days to be starting Body for Life for the first time. Here you are, trying to figure out which way is up and you are surrounded by people telling you, be patient, no don’t do that, yes I know it’s hard, hang in there. You seem to be battling for every ounce you lose, and you know something is wrong.

Yet around you people keep saying, “have faith”.

Faith is always a tricky thing. Faith by its nature requires a high degree of trust. You are being asked to put your trust in the process. It’s worked for thousands, and it can work for you. You are asked to not only to put faith into the program, but to work hard. You are constantly challenged by those around you. When things don’t go right, you start to question the process, the program, and even your own sanity.

Week 8 rolls around and things still aren’t where you want them to be. You are really questioning things now. You feel let down, and start thinking that things won’t work out.

Take a look at where you are. Right now. For maybe the first time in your life, you have really dedicated yourself to making you a priority. You are learning what it means to love YOU for the person you are. You are learning to trust yourself. The stumbles you have along the way are part of that learning process.

In the ancient Greek myths, the story of Orpheus tells the tale of a man who goes into the depths of the Underworld to negotiate with Hades for the release of his wife. He plays a beautiful song of loss and pain, and Hades is moved. He agrees to return Orpheus’s wife on one condition. He may not look back until they both reach the surface.

As Orpheus makes his trek back to the surface, the doubts begin to surface. He can’t hear his love behind him. Each step finds him questioning the word of Hades. As the daylight draws closer, those doubts and fears drown out the quieter voices counseling faith. He looks back- and his love slips backward into the darkness.

You will question. You will stumble. You will falter. This is life. Things aren’t perfect, ever. The key is keep faith and do not look back. Always look forward.