>The other night at the MTV Video Awards, we were treated to a rather spectacular example of the “me me” generation. Rapper Kanye West hopped up onto the stage during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech. He took the mike from her and proceeded to say that Beyonce Knowles should have won the award. Typical Hollywood you say? Sure, until you factor in the fact that Swift is 17 and as of today it doesn’t look like she was privy to the joke. Later in the evening Knowles invited Swift back on stage to finish her acceptance speech.

Today the internet is abuzz with people denouncing West, praising Knowles for being classy, and supporting Taylor. There are also a few bits going around about the lack of civil discourse. Let’s be clear on something. Upstaging someone and making inappropriate comments to their face isn’t about civil discourse. It’s about basic manners and understanding right time and right place.

It’s about entitlement. It’s about the belief that it’s okay to say or do whatever you want, whenever you want and bugger the consequences. This belief translates over into the world of health and fitness. Too often people seem to think they are entitled to workout on their terms, eat whatever they want, and lose weight.

Unlike society, your body is regulated by several physical laws. Including the laws of Thermodynamics. In short, calories in must equal or be less than calories out in order to lose weight or maintain weight. You can’t argue out of that formula. The bottom line is that losing weight requires you to make decisions and sacrifices. You have to decide to change. You give up eating cookies and cake every day. You give up drinking have your daily calories in Starbucks coffee drinks. You give up hanging out at the bar with your friends.

You are not entitled to both unhealthy behaviors AND a healthy body. It’s one or the other. Actions have consequences, good and bad. Right now you have a decision to make. Either way, there will be consequences to your action. Either way, you are responsible.