>Learning to Be Okay-

As a trainer, a considerable amount of time is spent pushing people past the limits they impose on themselves. Often times the limits have been set so low, it’s a challenge to help these individuals realize what they can do if they push that little bit harder. For people who have spent a lifetime doubting their skills or abilities, pushing to be extra-ordinary is hard. It’s also an incredible rush. Achieving significant goals in fitness for the first time ever is an incredible achievement.

Driving for a goal is a classic example of hitting a high point. It’s a singular event, and a place where you by definition can’t stay for any length of time. At some point, you have to either reset that high point as your normal, or drop back a bit to a slightly more comfortable normal. You can’t balance on that point indefinitely. If you try, eventually you will fall off, which usually results in some bumps and bruises as you roll down the hill.

If I had to pick a spot that trips up both experienced folks and newcomers, this would be it. Too often you hit that high point and flounder around trying to stay there. You can’t. Period. It’s a pointy place, it’s not comfortable, and it’s by definition your best effort. You can’t stay there. Either your best has to redefine, or you have to downshift.

Here’s the thing, at some point in time, every single one of us is going to hit a ceiling. Not a plateau, a ceiling. You will hit a point where you cannot push your performance to another place. Aging doesn’t stop. Every one of us will progressively lose strength and agility. Look at professional athletes. Eventually they can’t play at the same level. Eyes start to fail, they lose half a step, and the body just doesn’t bounce back as rapidly. The better you get at your job, the higher you promote, the fewer slots there are to move into. So how do you deal with the fact you will eventually hit a ceiling?

You make a decision to be okay with it. Being okay with something doesn’t mean settling. It means you honor just how good you are. Your average is so far beyond other folks best that it’s scary. It means you’ve come as close to mastery in your area as is humanly possible. Embrace that, rejoice in it, and give credit where credit is due.

Your okay is bloody amazing.

Set your reminders so you know if you start sliding down the hill. You may decide that you like this pace of life. You may decide that you need a new challenge. So go find something totally different. Find something new that inspires and challenges you.

You are allowed to be okay.