>Moving ranks as one of the most stressful things you can do in a calender year. Having done a cross country move, I can vouch for that. I’m finding moving is a bit like a break-up where you both still love each other, but things just needed to shift up. You both grew in different directions, there’s no hate, no ultimatums, just a moment of realization that a change needs to happen.

So you move on, but find yourself constantly looking for the familiar. You compare every new relationship to the old one. Yet at some point you realize you have to let go and start taking things on face value.

I’m not going to have 5 inches of snow each year around December for my Christmas card shots. What I may get is a nice bit of fog. Combine the fog with a lit tree and now we are talking. I don’t have a classic city Christmas. I do have randomly decorated pine trees as you drive down the highway. I don’t have the National Christmas Tree. I do have a way cool tree made out of lights in the park.

Time doesn’t ever stand still. You can’t live in the past. Once you make the decision to move, you have to move. Even if you want to go backwards, you’ll never be able to move any direction but forward.

Might as well enjoy the ride and move on.