So the fun now starts. It's a few days in and I'm starting to remember why I figured this would be challenging in the first place. First part is the focus on trying to eliminate the bulk of processed food. After years of working out and eating healthy, I don't have a ton of vices left. Candy and assorted junk coming from plastic bags would be one of the few.

Typically a couple times a week I indulge in off plan eating. This usually involves a visit to a large national drugstore chain to peruse the candy aisle. Today, no visit. One of the Food Rules is make your snacks things you find at the farmers market. Also tied in is the suggestion to make treat foods yourself. Both perfectly reasonable.

Alas, they both require some foresight and preparation. Which I didn't think about this week. Until today. When I'm thinking a Cadbury Creme Egg would be fun. I have a thousand ways to justify it. I've got a year to work things in, heck there's even a rule saying you need to periodically break the rules.

I have a thousand ways to justify it. I've got one reason to stick with what I've got going. I made a promise to myself to make a genuine, honest effort to incorporate these habits into my life. That means I don't get to blow things off three days in.

They say it takes thirty days to form a new habit. Not true. It takes two seconds. Every time you consider dropping the new habit, it takes just about two seconds to say, "I'm worth this." It's an hour full of those little prompts which add up to days, then weeks, then months. 

I'm worth the effort, the time, and the focus this will take. There, took me longer to type it then it did to say it.

I'm worth it.