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Well we have a full week down and on the books. It wasn't too bad overall. I'm starting to figure out what the rules for my particular challenge are going to be over the next year. I know what my end destination physically is supposed to be.

I'm looking for six pack abs. To do that I'll need to be around 15% bodyfat. As of my starting measurements I'm at around 20% via caliper measurement or 29% via my Omron bodyfat tester. I'm not obsessing too much about the measurements just yet. I am paying attention to the scale as a way to help gauge my food consumption. I dropped 2.5 pounds last week. That tells me I've got a good caloric deficit going, even with the switch to some higher fat items.

I keep repeating that healthy fats are my friend. Yard raised poultry is rich in Omega 3 fats, as is grass raised livestock. I'll be doing some bloodwork later in the week to get an idea where my cholesterol levels are as well.

I spent part of the weekend following rule #62, which is planting a garden. Well I'm not actually setting up a garden. I live in an apartment. While I may end up planting some window box herbs, it's not totally practical to have a full blown produce stand on my front deck. So I do the next best thing. I'm helping out a friend with her garden.

I spent most of Saturday moving dirt. Now in order to grow healthy produce you need to have healthy dirt. Healthy dirt is full of decomposing bits. As organic material breaks down, it generates nitrogen which helps feed your plants! So a quality mix needs organic things in it. We went out to the Natural Gardener here in Austin and bagged 12 large bags of compost.

As a note, 12 bags of compost is a lot of compost. A second note, 12 bags of compost is HEAVY.

When we got back to my friend's house, it was time to mix the compost with peat moss and vermiculite to create a plant friendly blend. This is a fancy way of saying I got to play in dirt up to my elbows most of the afternoon.

I ended up with a small blister on my thumb, and a gash on my leg where a random yard flag jumped up and bit me. Best of all I got covered in dirt. Don't get me wrong, the process of creating something that's going to provide quality and yummy produce is fun, but dangit the inner 5 year old still likes to play in the dirt!