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One of the secrets to success you'll find in people who've lost weight is a bent towards preparation. It is a royal pain in the rear to try and cook full on meals every day. That's part of the reason we've all gravitated towards boxed meals and fast food over the year. It's the mental exhaustion of prepping meals, chopping veggies, grilling meat, etc that is the final straw for many of us. Making from scratch meals each and every meal of the day is work!

Now realistically it takes just as much time to go out, identify your fast food meal, and bring it home for consumption as it does to prep most healthier alternatives. With a couple hours of prep work on the weekend I can pull together a quality dinner in 10 minutes flat most nights. Additional prep work means that most of my lunches and snacks are ready to go as well. Breakfast can get a jump start the night before in about 5 minutes.

There are times however where things do not go according to plan. I was supposed to do some meal preparation work yesterday. Changes to my client schedule resulted in changes to my cooking schedule. Not to mention a raging case of the cranky Clara's that required an early bedtime. So meals didn't get made. Today I consumed the last of my usual prepared meals. Meaning I have an interesting challenge this evening. You see, I have food. I even have cooked food. It is not the food I want. Not to mention it would make some interesting meal combinations. Additionally, I've got no prepped meals waiting for tomorrow.

This tends to lead to problems boys and girls. Tired, cranky, did I mention tired, and lack of prepared foods I enjoy would normally lead me out the door to the grocery store for food in a box, or fast food. Neither of which are applicable under Food Rules. At least not the way I'm applying them.

My lack of prep is not a reason to go wandering off eating food that's bad for me. That's poor planning, not an emergency.

One solution is having some quick make recipes. Thankfully I have those. The second solution is having a case of the stubborns. I refuse to let myself break my good habits through a case of the unprepared lazies. That's not acceptable. Solution? Cook anyway. Not feeling like it is not a reason. It's an excuse, and a particularly poor one at that. 

So next step, into the kitchen to make up a mess of Irish soda bread and granola. Both are reasonably quick, both are staples, and both need making regardless. Dinner can be interesting. The important thing is remembering why I'm doing this and keeping the self promises.