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You know, one of the wonderful things modern science gives us is non rotting food. I mean once upon a time I could buy a bag of organic green bits from my grocery store, toss it in the fridge and still be eating from said bag 2 weeks later. Know what? When you have real from the ground small farm produced greens- that doesn't quite happen!

As you may have guessed, I've had a bit of a week. Now it's not been a bad week. In the case of business things it's been quite good. Food wise it's been a royal pain in the rear. In part that's my doing. I've gotten increasingly sloppy in terms of food prep work. I know from experience that when I'm not prepping food, things happen.

This week things happening included defaulting to healthy but off plan favorites like string cheese and meal replacement bars. It also included a visit to Walgreens for leftover Easter candy. Hey, it's the end of Peeps season! And the Peeps are nice and stale. My favorite!

Ahem, still this is not how you build a primo physique. It shows in the scale and my energy levels. Progress this week was static. Nothing worse, but no improvements.

Because I've been eating erratically I'm also encountering the phenomenon of not so fresh food items. In particular my veggies. My green items are tending to wilt and spoil within about 5 days. This is a bit vexing when you are used to food that's being bred not for taste, but for storability and longevity. I'm relearning that food rots. In some cases quite rapidly if you don't pay attention to it.

Today's lesson included one on the nature of pretty food. Strawberries are starting to make an appearance at the local farmers markets. Now these are GOOD strawberries. As evidenced by the fact they are so ripe they are starting to get a tad soft. This means they are sweet! Strawberries are something I recall from my childhood. We had a couple neighbors who had strawberry patches. So I'm always mentally comparing the berries you get in the store to those. Store berries are again designed to ship and sit. These are ready to eat.

They are also not so pretty. I got some of the least strawberry looking berries you've seen. Strange berry shaped lumps, two berries growing together, and one that I think looked like Michelangelo. Teenage Mutant Ninja Strawberries! 

Nature at work. It doesn't always look pretty, but it still gets the job done and tastes good. We've gotten so fixated on perfect looking food, we forget that food isn't something just to look at. It needs to actually taste like something.

…speaking of taste, I think I have artichoke on the menu tonight. Why? Because I bought one last week and still haven't eaten it! Whoops! I hope it's still okay!