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Thomas Jefferson is often credited with the idea that meat should be used as a flavoring or special occasion food. Michael Pollan has taken the Jeffersonian idea and given it a rule for posterity. Rule number 23- treat meat as a flavoring or special occasion food.

Now Americans are known the world over for our rather prodigious consumption of critter. Over the past 10 years there's been an explosion of protein oriented diets which focus on using large amounts of animal based protein as a method to help with weight loss. Now I can give you chapter and verse on protein pros and cons. That's a subject for a different day.

Looking from a strictly personal level, I like meat. I like how it tastes. As I've mentioned before I know good and well where it comes from. Since starting this project, my meat related expenditure has gone up. Way up. I've gone from spending $3 on a pound of extra lean ground beef to spending $7 on grass fed and finished ground beef. I used to spend $10 on 5 pounds of chicken tenderloin, now I spend $16 on outside free range chickens who give me about a pound and a half of usable meat. So there's been a big jump. By necessity, my meat consumption has moved into the realm of flavoring. I can't afford to eat in 3 meals a day.

Yet I get higher quality meats which actually have real flavor to them. I mean 4 oz of an incredible chicken, lemon and oregano sausage can leave me totally pleased with life. I'm not just consuming to consume. I'm consuming for the joy of having a well crafted food item.

Disassembling a chicken last week took me a good 45 minutes. It wasn't just a case of mindlessly tossing my frozen chicken parts into the Foreman Grill. Every bite of that chicken reminds me of the effort involved. I kept the bones and scraps to make stock (a future adventure).

It's hard at times to be thinking so much about what and why I'm eating. I kind of miss the auto pilot I was on. At the same time, there's all this new scenery I'm getting a chance to explore. Like they say, the joy is in the ride.

Quick note on workouts and food-

Workouts for now are coming from Fit to Curl, which is written by
Olympic Gold Medalist curler John Morris and Dean Gimmell. I'm into
curling at the moment, it's fun, and these are athletic performance
based workouts.

20 Minutes of interval training. (Not the same
as HIIT, the intervals here aren't supposed to drive me to death)
WORKOUT- 2 circuits (starting with 12 reps)

Plank (hold 2
seconds, release, rehold)
Crunch with fast hands (crunch then hold
position for 20 seconds while moving hands up and down about 10 inches)
Raise (floor based)
Oblique crunches
Windshield wipers (not good
for people with back issues)


Steel cut oats, oat bran,
blueberries, 2 whole pasture raised eggs, local mushrooms, local spinach
bean burger, home made Irish soda bread, 1/2 tsp butter, spinach
(cranberries, oatmeal, coconut, coconut milk, honey, almonds, walnut
meal), spinach
Apple, 25 almonds
Sardines (in an olive oil, sherry
vinegar mix) avocado, spinach, tomato
Grapefruit, greek style yogurt (I take a quart of plain yogurt without extras, toss it into a dishcloth on a strainer and let it drain out overnight.)

And Sunggle Bug got adopted this weekend! YAY!)