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So post workout recovery is a big deal in the health and fitness business these days. There's a wide range of products out there designed to speed nutrients back into a depleted body.

After a workout, your body is primed to use nutrients in an optimal manner. Think of it like stoking a fire. If you feed it quality kindling when it's just starting, you get a good hot burn going. If you just rely on the fuel you have there without kindling, it burns, but maybe not as hot. So getting good fuel in after the workout can really help your body burn fat, build new muscle, and generally look good.

The problem with all these spiffy products out there for post workout recovery? Not a one of them meets the Food Rules. Nutritional supplements of this type are almost all man made, modern products. Not a bad thing, but it does make it difficult when you are trying to play the Food Rules game. After all, part of the idea is that this is supposed to be challenging.

Tuesday's workout is generally a nasty one. I do stair intervals mixed in with wall throws. In other words, I run up and down a flight of stairs five times, then go and toss a medicine ball against a wall 20 times. Repeat. On the final series (also called a set) I finish the 20 throws and then keep throwing until I drop the ball. I've got to beat the number of extra throws from the week before. If I drop the ball, it's up and down the stairs one more time.

Who's the crazy trainer who came up with that? Err, yeah, moving right along here…

So last night was 35 stairs, 140 throws, then 32 bonus throws. Ow, ow, ow and ow. I was a veritable puddle of Clara goo post workout.

After a workout of that intensity, it's really uncomfortable to eat solid food. It's also 11 o'clock at night, which again is not a prime time to consume solid food for me. So I've been experimenting with milk. I've got my cool low heat pasteurized, no growth hormone and no homogenization moo cow juice. It's exceptionally tasty,and I regularly have to fight the cats off my glass. That never happens with the old milk. (Note to self, if your cats don't like the dairy product, might be an issue.)

It's worked okay the last couple weeks. Last night was a little different. It's starting to get hotter out. My core temperature was still a bit up. Milk and hot weather…let's just say it's no longer my preferred beverage. More critically, my stomach does not prefer it.

So I am again looking for something that will work after this late workout. Right now I'm stumped. The heat is only going to get worse as the summer goes on here in Austin.

Suggestions welcome.