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It's always fun having company, but the corresponding attempt to return to normal is always a bit of an adventure.

I've got a pile of new cooking toys courtesy of mom. Among the goodies we have a new stockpot, which comes with a spiffy strainer and steamer It's an 8 quart model, so I should be able to make just enough for me, not enough for an army. The really cool piece is my new All-Clad Stainless Cassoulet with Lid.I've been using cheap Ikea stanless steel pans since I moved out on my own. I figured it was time to upgrade. 

I also picked up a spiffy silicone basting brush, tongs, a silicone spatula, two AWESOME silicone pot holders, and a micrograter. I'm now outfitted to deal with a wide range of kitchen related fun and games. Serious shout out to the folks at Der Kuchen Laden in Fredricksburg, Texas. They did an wonderful job with suggestions. Thanks guys!

Of course, now I'm suffering from a case of not wanting to get the new toys dirty.

This means I keep cooking with the old pots and pans. Yeah I know, they need to go. 

Tomorrow I've got another morning of curling with the folks over at Lonestar Curling Club. I'm having an absolute blast.

So I think I can safely say I've got my own basic food rules down. I've figured out a system which seems to work, and looks like I can also live with it. Since it's the first of the month, I figure it makes sense to take the weekend to write em up and then set the next baseline. I'll also be getting some workout related goals set up. Time to get into some serious tracking.