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Tonight has some time blocked out to actually play with Typepad and try to get better with the features. So I shall be light on witty content.

To update those keeping track, current score is Table 1, Clara 3. So I'm ahead for the week. Wednesday kicked my rear in the table department, but I got it back today with lunch! So ha!

I'm also trying to get some duckies in a row regarding a trip I get to take later this summer. I'm heading to Europe! I've got two weeks in Germany, Switzerland, and Italy with the maternal unit. Needless to say I'm seriously stoked and doing my, "please Mister Volcano Do Not Ash On Me" dance. 

This has been a stressful week for many folks. I know it's not always easy to stay focused and on target. The thing that sets winners apart from also rans is the ability to overcome adversity. Most of us can deal with a minor glitch in the day. It's harder to deal with something like a flood destroying your home. For those going through a rough spot, and those who will go through a rough spot (which would be all of us), some thoughts on dealing with adversity courtesy of my work blog. 

(volcano pics courtesy of my friend Terje, who was actually standing right next to the erupting volcano. Crazy lunatic he is.)