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Today the class of 2010 graduated from my high school alma mater. The Colorado Springs School is a small private school in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

What's this got to do with eating better and losing weight? Nothing and everything. You see, CSS is where I learned so many of the lessons that I'm carrying through in my life today. It's the place where I was encouraged to be an active and independent thinker. If that meant being a member of Conservation Committee and also eating meat, that was okay. Little strange, but still okay. 

I look through the images from commencement today (because as Mary Flemke was fond of saying, this isn't the end it's the beginning), I remember my own commencement day. It was a bit cold, typical Colorado late spring. Like all high school seniors I remember thinking that anything was possible.

Kind of like those kids today. 

The lesson I've learned since- Mary Flemke was right. Every day isn't an end, it's just a new beginning. It's never too late to step up and work to make a difference in the world. Some times it seems like that's not possible. You can look at the headlines and think the world is falling apart. It seemed like the same thing was happening back in 93 too. Funny thing, the world is still here. I can't help but think that it's in no small part due to the fact that when I looked out at the world as a senior, I just saw the possible. 

I learned to choose hope, and to believe that my words and actions can and do make an impact. I don't always see that impact. It's not always obvious to me that I make a difference. That doesn't mean I get to quit. That's not what I learned. 

I hope that the class of 2010 learned the same lessons I did. Based on their pictures today, I think they are well on their way. 

Congrats 2010 Kodiaks! 

Believe in the impossible.