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Well bother.

A couple of weeks goes by and not word out of me. Which also coincides with a case of me not sticking too hard to the food rules. Looks like we've hit the Doldrums. You know what I mean, that spot where the wind just sucks out of your sails and you sit there thinking, "I don't wanna do this".

As simple as it is in concept, it's actually hard to make lasting lifestyle changes. We are in a society today where we get bombarded day in and day out with messages telling us to take short cuts and make things happen faster. Everything is packaged to drive us towards convenience and ease. Workout programs emphasize speedy results. Food is packaged and marketed with an emphasis on fast and easy. If you aren't watching things carefully it's incredibly easy to just get bowled over by the cacophony of voices pushing you to do things the easy way.

Which brings us back to one of the major problems we have as a society. We get so focused on easy that we forget that at some point in time, work and effort does need to get expended to make things happen. The glut of easy to use food like items has made it easier to not think about what goes into your mouth and body. Which makes it in turn easier to not think about what you need to do in order to take care of said body. It's a nice little vicious cycle that leads right back to fat and unhealthy on the couch.

You don't go through life with the wind constantly in your sails. That's one of the first things you learn in sailing. Eventually, that wind that's carried you will die down and you are gonna be stuck in the middle of nowhere, calm seas, and empty sails. There are whole chunks of the ocean where you hit those periods of calm seas and no winds. Sailors called them the Doldrums. You had little choice but to wait for time and the current to carry you out.

Now I could wait for time and current, but that's kind of a pain. So like the cartoon characters, I've got a little fan stashed away in my boat with a loooooooooooong extension cord. It's important to know when you need to provide your own wind.

Tomorrow I've got a trip scheduled to head over to a local farm and help with picking the crops. It's a great way to get me back in touch with what I'm trying to accomplish this year. It's about learning how to eat, understanding where my food comes from, and then working to achieve high end physical results.

Good way to get a little wind back in the sails and get myself out of the Doldrums.