So the original idea for trying to follow "Food Rules" for a year kind of petered out.  Since it's the beginning of the year, I'm thinking it's a perfectly good time to go ahead and kick things off for a second shot. This time I can use what I've learned to refine my particular rules. 

1) Eat food.

-whole food products as often as possible. 

-aim for low ingredient lists (5-7).

-local source when able.

-avoid foods which add things in which should be there all ready.


2) Mostly plants.

-Meat once daily.

-Enjoy the pretty green veggies.

-Grains are perfectly fine.


3) Not too much.


4) Do not set up for failure.

-Protein supplement as needed. Look to find one with minimal ingredients. This was a BIG problem for me when I tried this before. So I'm going to add it to my rules. 

-Fish oil caps.

-Greens supplement as needed. 

-Green tea is my friend.


5) Break the rules 10% of the time.


Simple- not easy. So with that, off we go.