So when life manages to trip you up, what’s the secret to getting back up again?

I see a awful lot of people looking for some sort of magic solution for getting on track. No matter how successful they’ve been, the second they hit that major stumbling block it seems like everything shuts down. Not only do they hit the deck hard, the fall seems to knock their brain loose. Obviously there’s a magical trick for getting up.

Heaven forbid you actually have to feel the pain of the scraped up knee and the banged up elbow. You got used to things not hurting as you move through life. So this pain seems new, it’s not fun, and you don’t want to make it worse. So you just lay there and wait for it to stop hurting. You hope that someone else will come along and magically pick you up and off the ground. You are sure there’s some magic trick to getting up and avoiding more pain. There’s got to be a secret to this.

I got news for you. There is no secret. There’s no magic trick unless you are one of those odd people with no pain receptors. Since folks like that are actually few and far between, that leaves most of us feeling pain. Guess what? It hurts like the dickens to get up. It hurts to walk. You hobble home, blood streaming down from that knee, and you bite your lip to keep from whimpering out loud. Cleaning out the grime, that hurts too. There’s no secret. There’s pain.

You move through that pain. Every day, it hurts a little bit less. Your body heals. Your mind heals. You adapt and realize that moving isn’t so bad. It actually felt a heck of a lot worse when you were laying there on the ground, waiting for someone to come pick you up.

Get up and move. No matter how hard it is. No matter how insignificant it seems. That’s the secret to always moving forward.