About a month back I decided to make the switch from ballpoint pens to fountain pens. I’ve had a long standing love affair with cool pens of all sorts. I was the kid in school who walked around with that geeky 4 color pen in her pocket. At one point in time I had a dozen or so pens of various colors in my school bag.

The thing is, writing with them was always a hassle. I’ve got rather crabbed handwriting to begin with. I used to joke that I wanted to be a doctor and as a result poor hand writing was a must. The reality is through a combination of dyslexia and dysgraphia I ended up with pretty poor penmanship. The advent of the computer was a godsend for my writing. Computers made things easier, not to mention increased my legibility exponentially.

Thing is, I kind of missed playing around with a pen and paper. It felt like something was missing. So after several years of contemplation, enter the fountain pen.

I’ve started off with a pretty basic Lamy Safari. It runs around $30 for the pen and a converter which allows you to use ink from the bottle. I think I may be in love. Before the fountain pen, I’d hold my pens in a Vulcan Death Grip. Now with a lose grip the pen just glides across paper. It is much easier to write with and frankly it’s more fun!

I’m reminded that it’s important to include fun in your life. In the effort to go through life doing things in the most efficient manner, we can lose sight of the need for fun. The fun method isn’t always the quickest method. So you need to look for a balance.  It doesn’t always need to be about getting something done as fast as possible.

Let yourself take some time to smell the roses or write with fountain pens. Either way you’ll find life is a little bit richer.