Originally published January 16, 2006

Day 15- Together We Succeed

Well I left everything on the floor this monring after my workout. I totally blitzed my upper body. Major and repeated failure on multiple exercises. Ow, ow, ow. Waiter, check please! Smiley

Today’s random thought: This is about unity. Together we succeed and are stronger.

None of us can do this alone. We all need support. But to get support, you have to also give it. That takes time. It takes work. So your challenge for tomorrow is this. Find one person around you who needs a boost. Maybe it’s a coworker, or a friend. Maybe it’s someone at your gym who looks lost. Go up to them, compliment them. A kind word means the world to most of us. You are a Torcher. You are supposed to hold yourself to the highest standard of conduct. Act like the champion you want to be. Be the champion you are.

Also remember this- our goal is to help people change. Remember that not everyone is in a place where they can make the same change you are. Body for Life is scary. For people unused to setting goals the program is challenging. Help them learn to make the small steps that lead to success. They don’t have to change everything overnight It can be as simple as helping them learn to make a healthy choice.

As an example- saying I will eat nothing but BFL authorized meals for someone who’s eating absolute junk right now may work. Or it may be setting them up for failure.

Try suggesting this- how about for the next week I will limit myself to one caffiene containing drink per day. Next week I will limit myself to two candy bars per day. And so on. Help them find small changes that they can do with success. Teach them the baby steps that will let them see success. Help make this process less scary. If they say “I can’t”, show them something that they can do.

Lead by example, and lead with compassion. We carry the torch, so we can show others the way out of the dark.

No excuses, no fear, no regrets. Cowboy up and get er done Team!