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It’s easy to get so focused on what should be happening that you forget the fun of rolling with what is happening.

What “should” be happening right now is that I should be in Austin, dealing with temperatures of over 100 degrees. I should be plugging away at my computer, working on writing projects, and networking to build clients for my training business. I should be fretting about the state of my kitchen, or getting my car serviced, or, or, or.

What is happening is I’m in Colorado helping out my parents. I get to reassure them that their various sick cats are all being well cared for. I get to enjoy cooler temperatures. I get to work on writing projects in a new environment and find new inspiration to help drive me forward.

I can chose to see this trip to Colorado as an imposition, or as an opportunity. This is how it is with most things in your life. You can see them in a negative light, or start looking for the positive elements. Now it won’t always be possible. There will be times and places where you will struggle to find positive things. That’s okay. The key is to constantly look for good things in tough situations. This is what helps you build mental resiliency over time.

The best way out of a bad situation, start to accentuate the positive my friend.