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A recent research study presented data which indicates that eating healthy adds on average $380 a year to the household grocery bill. This started a series of discussions about the viability of eating healthy if you are on a restricted budget.

My default reaction is to call shenanigans and start picking the study apart. Thinking about it further, I’ve reconsidered. Sure the study was done in a very affluent neighborhood where the default store options are Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. The deeper message has gotten misplaced. How do you eat healthy on a budget? Is it really possible to do this?

Since I’m coming home to a fairly empty fridge, this is an excellent week to start this off and see how it works. I’ve set a target budget of $35 a week for food. This week’s purchases:

2.5 pounds of chicken breasts- $6.00

4 cans tuna fish- $3.50

4 bags mixed frozen veggies- $4.00

1 bag black beans- $.99

1 lb tomatoes- $1.97

Fresh mozzarella cheese- $4.00

3/4 lb stew meat- $2.75

Plan yogurt- $3.00

I’ve got assorted frozen veggies in my freezer, and a selection of flour and grain products in my pantry. The idea is to mix and match to create interesting eating options, while also aiming towards healthy eating. It should prove to be interesting.