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(UPDATED 9/6/2011)

Texas has been praying for rain. We got fire.

Fires burn near Bastrop, TX

Wildfires burn near Bastrop, TX

Since Saturday, September 4th, the Central Texas area has been battling multiple, very dangerous wildfires. Over 14,000 acres are burning, and over 400 homes have been destroyed.

Fire is a primal fear. It moves faster than any man. It leaps highways and explodes trees into flame from a distance. In an instant your life is gone. If you are lucky you’ve managed to escape with important papers and documents. If you are lucky you escape with your life.

Winds are expected to be very high today, keeping the danger up. Even if you are in an area where there are no fires currently, keep an ear on the news. Small brush fires can blow up into major events with these winds.

  • If you have pets, consider keeping everyone inside today. Many in Bastrop have lost four footed family members because they were unable to find them when the flames rolled in.
  • Have carriers for pets ready. Have medication for humans ready. Put important papers and documents in an easy to access place. If you get the order to evacuate you may need to move fast.
  • Update your information with the City of Austin.
  • Don’t smoke outside. Seriously. Your butt can start a fire.
  • Don’t grill with an open flame.

Donations are needed for both pets and people.

Central Texas Red Cross is taking donations. (Monetary donations only, no goods)

The Bastrop Animal Shelter evacuated 160 animals. Austin Pets Alive has taken many of those animals in. Donations are badly needed. On a personal note, this is the group I work with. All these animals coming from Bastrop aren’t vaccinated. So we are having to vaccinate them. Any little bit helps.

Austin Humane Society took in animals from Bastrop as well. They don’t have a plea up yet, but I imagine they will. 

If you’ve got friends in Central Texas, keep them in your thoughts. If you live in Central Texas, be safe!

(Update- The large dogs from Bastrop are at Austin Pets Alive. Free adoptions today. Cats and small dogs are at Austin Humane Society. Both groups need donations BADLY. The animals from Bastrop are not vaccinated. Monetary donations will help both groups pay for vaccinations. )

(Update 9/6/11- Donations are still badly needed by animal rescue groups. As strays in Bastrop are being found they are being brought to various Austin shelters and groups. Erica with the Bastrop Animal Shelter has a lost and found registry for the animals in Bastrop. If you are missing a pet or have found a pet, please call her at 512-629-3159.)

Update 9/6/11- Number to call if you had animals left behind in Bastrop UPDATE: SEARCH FOR ANIMALS INFORMATION: NEW NUMBER: 512-332-8814
Per Kristine Dupuis: The Bastrop sheriff’s department is taking volunteers to help rescue animals left behind!!!

Per Daisy the Starfish Thrower Just spoke with Bastrop County EOC. They are directing animal search volunteers to go to the dog park across from the police station in Bastrop. Address is 104 Grady Tuck Lane. Their phone # is 512-629-3159, but the mailbox is full.
Jennifer Ripple Convention Center — 1408 Chestnut St 512.332-8984