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It’s been a heck of a week in Central Texas. As of today, over 1,400 homes have been destroyed with 34,000 acres involved. Through the tireless efforts of firefighters in the region, the blaze is at 40% containment.

Bastrop fire September 2011

With Texas under multiple fire warnings, you’d think that people are being careful. Yet daily you can watch careless smokers flicking ash out the window or tossing cigarette butts. The fire danger remains frighteningly high. Don’t just use common sense- demand that others act in a safe and responsible manner this weekend.

This weekend is a great time to step up and help others. 9/11 is used by many as a Day of Service. Volunteering is a great way to honor the service of the police and fire rescue personnel who died on September 11. This weekend, take time to reach out and help your neighbor.

American Red Cross- Central Texas is taking donations

Capital Area Food Bank is taking non-perishable food items

Bastrop County Office of Emergency Management. Phone # to register for FEMA assistance is 1-800-621-3362(FEMA).

Many companion animals have been displaced. Austin Pets Alive, Austin Humane Society, Town Lake Animal Center, and Bastrop Animal Control are all on the ground in Bastrop helping find missing animals. Animals are being sheltered at Austin Humane Society and Bastrop Animal Shelter.

Austin Pets Alive puppy rescue

Austin Pets Alive volunteer transfers puppies from Lockhart shelter

Austin Humane Society also has lists of animals who’ve been brought in. If you are missing your pet, start checking here. (Updated images)

 Bastrop Animal Shelter, 589 Cool Water Drive, 512-549-5160 (Updated images)

As of today, no animals from the fires are being adopted out. Every effort is being made to reunite displaced animals with their humans. Animals being offered for adoption are only animals who were all ready in the custody of animal control.

If you are missing a furry family member- DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE! Pets are amazing survivors. Even animals who were locked in houses that burned have found ways out. Keep looking!

Austin Pets Alive is taking in non-Bastrop animals from other shelters in Central Texas. This is being done to alleviate crowding in those shelters. Both Austin Pets Alive and Austin Humane Society are providing medical care to injured and ill animals right now. Donations of medical supplies are greatly appreciated. Additionally, there are MANY animals needing new homes! Check with local animal rescue groups this weekend and adopt a new family member!

Here’s hoping for a safe weekend in Central Texas!