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I’ve been taking pictures of things since I was 5. Over the years I’ve used a variety of gear, from disposable cameras to large format 4×5 cameras. Like many photographers, the only limiting factor was the cost of developing film.

With the rise of digital imaging, that barrier dropped and once again I started experimenting. I spent several years shooting anything and everything. When I moved to Austin, the drive to create faded a bit. A few months back I upgraded to a new iPhone 4. This gave me a good camera in my pocket. Rule 1, the best camera is the one you use.

I’ve been shooting more and more. I upgraded my dSLR to the Nikon D7000 and added a few editing programs to my phone. I’m finding the urge to create art on my terms.

Photography isn’t about replicating the scene you see. It’s about capturing and communicating the moment. That can mean a very literal interpretation or it can be a fanciful romp where you show the viewer your vision.


Which vision is more “real”? Neither is a perfect vision of what I see in my minds eye. This is the beginning of a journey that never ends. How do I show you how I see the world?