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To marks the feast day of Saint Therese of Liseaux, a Carmilite nun from France who lived during the turn of the century and died from turberculosis at age 24.  Therese is often considered the originator of the idea of the Little Way. She believed that she was never destined for great things in her life. She focused on doing small things and doing them well. She was the inspiration for Mother Teresa’s idea of doing small things with great love.

A lifetime of small things ironically set Therese up for a legacy of greatness. She’s inspired millions around the world through her actions and writings. In a day and age where we are bombarded by people looking to make a big impact, it’s a valuable thing to be reminded that small steps have just as significant an impact.

When I try to go for big, grand gestures, I often land flat on my face. Yet when I focus on small steps, small acts, I make greater progress. I don’t go out every day looking to change the world. I look to make a positive impact on the life of one person, just one. If I’ve done that, it’s a good day.

What small things do you do every day which make a big impact on the world around you?