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Prompt- The seasons are changing. What do you look forward to this time of year. What’s your favorite season.

Favorite season has always been winter. I love snow. I love the silence when the world is buried in piles of white fluffy stuff. Nothing out there but the breeze and silent flakes falling down. My favorite part of Fall is that Winter and Christmas aren’t that far away.

Thanksgiving is something to be endured, a speed bump on the way to the fun that is Christmas. Thanksgiving is boring, just food and football. Christmas…Christmas has presents! It’s got sparkly lights, and pretty packages, and bells. I love the lights and the magic. Even better is snow with Christmas lights. There’s something just magical about that. I’ve been trying to get a good snow/Christmas lights picture for years. It’s actually rather hard to do. You need snow at Christmas time (which contrary to popular belief isn’t nearly as frequent at stories would like you to believe), good technical photography skills (which requires practice and as such experience with snow/night photography/Christmas lights), and a bit of good timing. The shot still eludes me, but I can dream.