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Typically a Wordless Wednesday post is supposed to be just that. No words. Often you will see people post still images. It’s a good way to remember the power of a still image. In a world dominated by multimedia, with video at your fingertips we forget the power of a single moment. Our experiences are all built around multiple layers. You read the news story, and then click on the video that accompanies the story. You are quickly caught up in a swirl of images, sounds, and emotions. It can quickly push you past your limits, not always in a good way. As your mind shuts down, you lose the message of the story.

A single image on the other hand, can capture a moment and freeze it in your mind. Rather than being bombarded by reality as it happened, you have a single shot that you can associate the emotions, sounds, and images with. It’s crystallizes things, changes the impact.

I like the power of a single still image. Some say it makes me old fashioned. I think it means I understand there’s more power in a single moment than you realize. Every action we take is made up of a multitude of single moments. Without that single moment, you don’t get action, or change.