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So I did a pretty good job with NaBloPoMo. Slowly my writing groove is getting better. The goal is to keep working on a daily posting schedule. It so happens that it’s December, and as such Christmas is coming. Now I know there’s a lot of folks who don’t like the hype of Christmas. That’s fine. For me it’s always been a special time of year. My birthday is close to Christmas, so the build up and hype always tied in with a personal holiday. I’ve always refused to be overly cynical when it comes to Christmas. I look at the concepts of good will, caring for others, and reaching out as core components of the season. Growing up the religious aspects were minimal.

This year I’m doing a kind of personal Advent Calender. Sharing various elements of the season that I find meaningful, both secular and religious is a good way to keep writing, and give folks a different look at the world.

Kicking things off we have the ultimate expression of secular Christmas. I present to you, the Pac Man Christmas Tree.