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Yes the Christmas tree is still up. Earlier in the week a friend asked several of us when it starts getting weird to keep the Christmas tree up. For some folks, it should go down a few days after Christmas. In my house Christmas means that the tree needs to stay up at least to Epiphany, which is January 6th this year. As a matter of course, the tree tended to stay up until at least my brother’s birthday on the 14th. This revelation prompted some horrified comments about how terrible it is to leave the tree up that long.

Why? It’s a fake tree, so no needles are being dropped all over the carpet. We race to throw Christmas decorations up, then rush to take them down. Why? There’s no particular hard and fast rule. It’s not like the corner of my living room will go up in flame if the tree is up a little longer.

For me, the tree stays up until I stop finding enjoyment in the process of lighting up the darned thing. I happen to like the lights, and will usually keep the tree up until sometime in mid January. This morning I gave more than a second thought to leaving the tree unplugged. That’s a sign that it’s time to take the sucker down. But for the moment, I’m still enjoying the lights.