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It’s a beautiful 67 degrees in January kind of day. One of the advantages of being in Central Texas is the weather. Gotta love days like this, especially after a week of being sick. I’m still tired and coughing, but it’s nice enough to spend a half hour outside and listen to the world go by.

Across the street it sounds like an impromptu kickball game is in progress. You can smell the dryers going in the laundry room as clothes get clean. You hear the quiet hum of traffic, and over it all is the sound of leaves rustling in the breeze. As the wind shifts, the chimes kick in. It’s quiet, peaceful, and so worth taking a few moments to just sit and enjoy it.

It’s easy to pack things in quiet days like this. You can bustle and fuss, clean and prepare for the week ahead. You can find a thousand things you should do. You ignore the one thing you need to do, which is spend a little quiet time with yourself. Still your body, quiet your mind, and see what new opportunities life presents you with while sitting on a quiet afternoon.