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The best part of the Europe trip was putting my new camera through it’s paces. The worst part has been trying to get the files into a workable format. New camera means big files, and RAW conversion software that could not cope. Trying new programs quickly let me know that I not only had a camera problem, I had a computer problem. There wasn’t enough memory to chew through the files quickly, and storage was also an issue. At some point in time, I need to upgrade the desktop, lock, stock, and operating system.

Using a trial of Capture One, I finally was able to get the RAW files converted. I’m using a combination of iPad apps to do the final fiddling. It’s fun, and as I’ve been reminding myself, this process needs to be fun.

Out of 2000 images, I’m down to 150ish. I’ll be working on them as time allows, and hope you enjoy. I’m currently going through my HDR is cool phase, so just hang in there. I’m sure it will pass.


Street lights in Venice, September 2012