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Happy New Year! 2013 is the Year of the Snake (specifically the black water snake). A large part of the world welcomed in a new year with spectacular fireworks, dances, and parties that put New Year’s Eve at Time’s Square to shame.

Over the weekend I set off fireworks to chase away bad luck for the next year and did some needed cleaning. It’s two fun ways to get a second kick start of enthusiasm for the beginning of the year. By February, the initial push of resolution/new start mania has waned. I’ve taken over the years to waiting for Chinese New Year to make hard plans for the upcoming year. It gives me a chance to avoid the hype, and focus in on things that matter.

Last year I hit my travel goal for the year. This year I’d love to go somewhere else new and interesting. I’ve still got a yen to see Ireland.

My big goal for the year is to continue to work on the ever elusive pistol squat. It’s a great physical challenge that also forces you to have a great deal of mental focus as well. It’s a wonderful example of the mind and body connection.

Still pondering the places I can go in the new year. With a month of the year under your belt, how have your goals shifted? Still on track?