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A few years ago I got into the world of fountain pens. I like the look and feel of a quality pen in my hand. There’s a hint of romance in using one. You tie back into a long history of written communication when using a well designed fountain pen. The ink flows, at times it even flies across a page. I enjoy being able to fiddle with ink and pen combinations, to figure out what mix is best. I enjoy using a vintage pen; thinking about what the previous owner may have written. I’ve got a pen my grandmother used for most of her life. Writing with that is a way to connect to my family history.

I’ve got a couple favorites, but one sticks out as the fun pen in the bunch. It’s a Noodler’s Ahab Arizona. I love the bright yellow color of the pen. It’s paired up with my favorite ink, Noodler’s Navajo Turquoise. The two bright colors play off of each other beautifully. It reminds me of the sun and sky of the Southwest. It’s not a quiet combo. This pen is designed to be noticed. That’s okay. Sometimes you gotta have a little flare.