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Producing art, be it something considered art in a conventional sense or something less traditional is not always easy and effortless. There are different points in time where you run into walls and just can’t get past them. These “creative blocks” are mocked by those who haven’t hit them, and are the subject of a great deal of discussion by those who have hit them.

My art has always been a combination of words, images, ideas, and fitness. Yeah fitness. My best stuff comes when my fitness is at it’s peak and the energy just flows. When one element goes off, it throws the rest of it off. Looking at it scientifically, it’s probably the hormone release that happens after a good workout that helps to contribute to the creativity. On a less scientific angle, there’s moments of clarity that pop in when I workout that just feed the little creative imp in my head and send it scurrying off to generate something new and awesome. For a variety of reasons, the poor little imp has been getting hammered over the last few years, leading to a gradual decline in my general art production.

The fix for a creative block is to just stubborn through it and keep producing. For me that means putting stuff out there, even when I’m not sure it’s any good. Step by step, and piece by piece you find a way to move things forward. It’s not fun. It’s always hard to put something out there and know that others are going to look at it and poopoo it. That’s the nature of the internet these days.

Art requires you open yourself up to the world. That means you are open to all the slings and arrows as well. Without the openness, without the share, the art you produce goes nowhere. There’s no connection, no communication, and no joy.

So I continue to share, because it’s so worth it when you touch just one person. Maybe today that person is you.