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Credit Sharon Santoni

So after a good bit of contemplation and discussion it looks like the maternal unit and I will be doing Europe again this year. I started out wanting to hit Ireland and knock that off the bucket list. But after discussion it sounds like Mom is more interested in museums, specifically London and Paris. I have been to both places, but didn’t spend much time in either. Going to Paris gives me the chance to dust off my French which has several advantages. I’ve struggled picking up German and Spanish. French, especially conversational French I know. So there’s a major confidence boost potential there.

I greatly enjoyed my month in France in high school. This allows me to go back as an adult and look at things with more maturity and depth. Plus I’ve got a yen to get some awesome pictures. And it’s also fun to think about being somewhere for fall. We don’t get fall in Austin. We get less summer.

So time to order up some travel books and start planning. Paris awaits!