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I’m going back through years of old photos and giving them a second look. When I moved back to DC in 2002, I started playing around with my film camera. I’ve got some pretty decent film shots. In 2003, I picked up my first digital camera. The Canon A60 was my first digital camera, and opened up a new world for me. A year later I upgraded to my trusty Nikon D70, and used that for 8 years as my primary shooting body. I’ve got thousands of shots, documenting everything from sunrises and sunsets, to the (then) new kittens I brought home from North Carolina. I’ve got trips down into DC, trips to the beach, and random Christmas.

With new equipment, an always evolving eye, and a desire to look and see what caught my eye then, I’ve been pulling through piles of pictures and playing with them again. It’s a great exercise in personal critique. It’s also just plain fun.

This shot was a random crowd moment while waiting for the Reagan funeral procession in June 2004. Typical DC, you’ve got everyone from tourists to locals mixed in the crowd. The local reads the Washington Post, while behind him tourists waive small American flags.