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I’ve been asked over and over to take pictures at weddings and events. I always refuse. Why?

Because flash scares the pants off of me. I’ve always been one of those photographers who relies on natural light to get the shot. I went through the phase of scoffing at flash/studio photographers, saying that using natural light is always best. But I always knew that at the core, flash scares me. As a result, I’ve always been limited in what I can do.

So earlier this year I started working with an on camera flash unit. It’s been slow progress, as I’ve struggled to get my mind around understanding why I get the results I get. I don’t learn well in a linear pattern. I’m a gestalt thinker. I need to have lots of pieces around me so I can put the puzzle together and see how it all works. This hasn’t worked well with trying to figure out flash to this point in time.

Then I stumbled across The Strobist, and online resource focusing on how to use your flash units off camera to produce various lighting effects. Light bulb goes on for Clara. This is the type of effect I’m going for. I don’t want to haul studio lights around, I just want to be able to get some better looking shots, and maybe d some more elaborate setups.


So I dropped about $100 for the basics, and have started playing around with the tools. I ran into a minor issue on day 1 when one of my foster cats ate through the PC sync cable for the flash units. So I ended up using my Nikon SB600 in slave mode, with my on camera flash as the master. Not too bad for the first try.


20130828-111905.jpg Nimitz