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When we were planning the trip to Venice last year, I started playing around with phone apps which allowed me to edit images. Snapseed was a revelation and reignited my interest in photography. It pushed me to do a needed camera upgrade, then pushed me into a year of experimenting.

By having instant ability to edit, then push my images back out, I started having fun with my camera again.

I shot this image originally in 2010. It’s a fun shot, done with a 10.5mm fisheye lens. Last year I edited it with HDR techniques and got an image that I really enjoyed.

Looking towards the Doge's Palace, HDR version-2012

Looking towards the Doge’s Palace, HDR version-2012

I loved the bright, hyper-saturated colors, the curves, and the beautiful sky.

This week I was digging through old images and came across it again. I’ve shifted away from hyper-saturated a bit, so I decided to edit the image again and see what I saw now.

This is the result.