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I’m not a pro photographer. I’ve never had the patience or inclination to push my photography to that level. I like taking the camera out, then playing around until I can get an image that matches what I see in my mind’s eye. Sometimes it’s happened quickly. Sometimes it’s taken years to figure out what I need to do. In the last year and change I’ve started learning two different techniques. One is a post production technique called HDR. In this technique, software is used to help merge multiple images to increase the range of tones you see in an image. The second thing I’ve started working on is flash photography. Like a lot of weekend photographers, I spent several years insisting that “natural light” photography was the best. That’s a fancy way of saying I don’t know one end of the flashgun from another. In the last few months I’ve started working harder to understand how flash works, and how to use it to get pictures I like.

If you follow my Instagram feed you will see a range of images from kitten snapshots, to travel, to thought out and composed shots. I just like showing people the world as I see it. And yes, I do see a lot of cats these days. The fun in art comes from sharing it. At this point in my life, it’s more critical to share what I do than it is to make sure every thought or image is perfect. If I don’t share, the work never breathes, and I can never grow.