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An unusual post from me today. I’m a football fan. I’m also a woman, and a victim of bullying. I’ve been in the position where there was nobody to turn to. I’ve made reports, asked for help, and been told to toughen up. This story touches me on a deep level.

Martin may or may not be a good candidate to play in the NFL. That’s something that will be decided by player personnel types. He has a right to be able to work in a threat free environment, without the default response being, “why didn’t he kick Incognito’s ass?” We talk about the wussification of America. What about the lack of civil behavior in America? We are bombarded by media that emphasizes a lack of manners and civil behavior. It’s cool to be edgy and rude. Then we complain that our kids don’t know how to behave.

If you don’t like someone that’s fine. Man up and say, “I don’t like you, but I’ll do my job.” That’s being a stand up guy. Doing the right thing isn’t easy. Standing up for the unpopular guy sucks. But at the end of the day when more of us stand up for the right thing, we are a better nation.

To heck with that. Standing up and doing the right thing makes you a better person. You don’t need to belittle someone to prove how cool you are.