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I’m really digging this process of digging through my archives to find old shots and play with them again. Things that didn’t work for me before call out to me now. I see subtle things I missed then, or stories I want to share again now. Things I couldn’t quite register are now so clear. In the moment you see something interesting and shoot. Years later you go back and ask why. Why did this moment speak to me?

This is a classic Vietnam Memorial reflection shot. Each name marking a loss. The reflection is a member of the Army, dressed in old cavalry style with the slouch hat and riding boots. You can just catch the yellow marking cavalry as the branch of service. What did I see then? Pretty colors, contrast, visual appeal.

Now? History. One generation honoring warriors of a war nobody wanted, but also reaching out to other lost and forgotten battles. The raging battles to clear Native Americans from land we wanted, a malaria filled jungle in Cuba, and muddy trenches in Germany. In every era, men and women answer a call to serve. They are not forgotten.