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Today should have been one of those days where you complain that nothing goes right. I had plans. None of them actually got accomplished. But it's not a problem.

This morning I had to make a run out to a friend's house early. I woke up around 4:30 and just couldn't go back to sleep. So around sunrise I headed out. As I was driving, I passed some fog burning off the ground, combining with the beautiful morning color.


I couldn't find it in myself to complain too much after that. It was a beautiful start to the morning. Just a beautiful day.

Later while picking up some medication for a foster kitty, I ran into Princess. She's a 10 year old lady kitty, and she was in need of a lift to an adoption site. I was planning to head back home after getting the meds. I ended up giving Princess a lift. She was quite grateful.


So by now, the afternoon is getting away from me. I stopped off to grab dinner. Driving home I encountered a beautiful sky. I made a snap decision to bypass the game, and head down 360 to get some pretty shots.


Things were pretty, but it looked like I had missed the best light. I stuck around a bit longer and I'm glad I did.


A beautiful start to the day, and a stunning evening. Just wow.