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Every year I post up some of my favorite Christmas carols and songs. I’m an unapologetic Christmas junkie. My tree is a gaudy mess of ornaments and lights. My home is full of a variety of Christmas crap. I live by the motto: If it doesn’t move, decorate it.

My taste in Christmas music reflects this. Feed the World has been critiqued on and off for many years. Those who live in Africa, or have strong ties to the line, “do they know it’s Christmas time at all” correctly point out that yes, they do indeed know it’s Christmas in Africa. Yet the song endures as a classic piece of 80s kitsch. It rolled out in 1984, and earwormed me but good. It remains a favorite.

This year, the song has been reworked to help raise funds for Ebola in Africa. So I kick off my Christmas playlist with the 2014 (reworked) Feed the World.