Folks don’t realize that “Day of the Dead” is actually a three day long series of observances. It evolved from a fusion of Mexican traditional rituals with Catholic Church practices. It’s a vigil on October 31, the recognition and remembrance of saints on November 1, and remembrance of all souls on November 2.

Last year on November 1 I marked the day with a picture of a little ofrenda to remember Georgia and CancerCat. This year it was a LOT more crowded. This was a brutal year. Some loss was foreseen, much of it wasn’t. If I dig, I can point to all the learning and personal growth that the year since last November 2 has brought me. It’s all learning that sucks.

We fear death, and after the last year I can see why people feel that way. The rollercoaster of emotions isn’t fun. For people who thrive on control, I imagine it’s even worse. I end the night with a prayer to those who’ve passed on, and those who still walk with us. Here is hoping that the next 365 days are a little gentler on all of us.