Texas isn’t technically the South, but it’s close enough in some ways. This part of the country doesn’t get the nice shifts in weather. You don’t pull out the heavy jackets, or worry too much that your plants may freeze overnight. The changes are subtle. You have to look for them.

It’s a gentle drop in temperature. You go from being in the fire, back to frying pan, and then if you’re lucky, it actually drops into reasonable person temperatures. Some folks start using the fire place of an evening, and you get the gentle smell of woodsmoke.

You can spot newcomers. They carve Halloween pumpkins weeks in advance. They are rotten within a few days. The pros use fake pumpkins and stick those outside for Halloween enjoyment.

Leaves barely shift for weeks on end. You hunt for any sign of color shift. You’ve got to be on your toes. You’ll get just a few days of color, then woosh, all the leaves will be gone in a few days.

Pumpkin spice lattes are consumed while wearing a long sleeved shirt and shorts.

Temperatures in the 60s prompt thoughts of heavy sweatshirts, which are discarded as the morning chill burns off and temperatures climb back into the 80s.

Eventually patience is rewarded. You get your changing leaves, and if you’re lucky, you get a few days where you need to wear that sweatshirt all day. Winter looms, and Indian Summer is just a flash over the weekend. Blink and you can miss it.

Those who don’t look for fall, who just expect it to drop in their laps like it does up North miss it. Those who keep a sharp eye out, they get all the wonders of the season. It helps to look for the moments you want, rather than waiting for them to just show up.