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It’s nothing impressive on face. It’s a walnut, dipped in pink paint, and covered in glitter. As ornaments go, it’s pretty boring. 

Until you realize that the walnut in question is 65 years old. My dad made it when he was a boy. It decorated his family tree for years. Then it decorated our family tree in Colorado. When unmoved out, it followed me as I traveled the country. 

It’s a living link to family history. It’s a connection to decades of family stories, family gatherings, and moments of joy. It’s a little guardian, watching over me as I build new memories every year. That’s one of the things I love about this time of year. You get to remember the things that happened, good and bad. You can take inventory, and learn from those moments in the past. Time eases edges, and lessens pain. Soon you find more joy in those memories. 

Don’t be afraid to remember the past, to honor it, and to let go of the edges that hurt. 

Find the joy.